Basic Term


Ad Hoc Charter
A one-off charter operated at the whim of airline or scharterer.
Air Waybill
Contact documents between shipper and carrier setting down conditions of carriage of goods.


Belly Cargo
Freight carried in the hold below the main (passenger) deck.
Belly Hold
Freight accommodation below the main deck. Bermuda Agreement An agreement concludes in 1946 between the UK and the US, designed to regulate future international air traffic. Most governments accept its principles and follow it inter alia by limiting traffic rights on international routes to one or two cariers.
Bilateral Rights
Agreements on traffice rights were concluded between two governments.
Pedigree Livestock. Often racehorses of cattle for breeding.
Weight at which freight charges change eg 100 kilos.


Where cargo is carried on what is essentially a domestic flight and therefore not subject to international agreements that fix set rates. Cabotage rafes are negotiable between shipper and airline and apply on flights within a country and to its overseas territories.
Chargeable kilo
Rate for goods where volume exceeds six cubic metres to the tonne.
Originally meant a flight where a shipper contracted the hire of an aircraft from an airline. Has usually come to mean any non-scheduled commercial service.
Cost, Insurance, and Freight, Term used to describe shipment for which costs have been prepaid by the exporter (Consignor.)
Class Rates
Tariffs applied to cargo of a designated class for a started area or route. Usually expressed as a discount or premium over GCR.
An aircraft with pallet or container capacity on its main deck as well as in its belly holds. Consolidator An agent which brings together several shipments for one destination to qualify for preferential airline rates. Contract Rate A charge levied by carriers selling capacity forward over a given route to a shipper or forwarder; the client is therefore assured of capacity, which must be paid for regardless of load carried.


Dept of Civil Aviation. Commonly used term to denote the government department of any foreign country that is responsible for aviation regulation and granting traffic rights.
Dead Leg
A sector flown without payload.
Dry Lease
The rental of a "clean" aircraft without crew, ground staff or supporting equipment.


Empty Leg
Results from an aircraft primarily chartered outbound having cargo capacity inbound orvica verca. A cheap form of airfreight.